Tonight Movie on Family TV: Walk Ride Rodeo

“I remember the first time I saw you riding really riding, you were maybe 10 years old. I was so jealous of the natural talent.”

Amberley’s hard work was paying off with the rodeo rookie of the year being an arm lengths away.

“Rodeo is not something I do it is who I am”

On a drive to a championship competition Amberley’s stomach became to serve. Forcing her to unbuckle her seatbelt. A split second decision to take a look at her map, led her to lose control of her car. Just like that her dreams were swept away.

“My legs, my legs”

She became paralyzed from her waist down. Full of resentment and anger. She vowed not to ride a horse again; if she couldn’t ride it like before.

“Do you give up, this chair will either be your wings or your anchor”

The strong support system around her propelled her to get back on race. Walk Ride Rodeo is based on a true story, catch this inspiring movie tonight at 10PM.


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