Family Media Host Pastors’ Breakfast

This week on Monday, May 15th, we hosted Pastors for a Family Media Breakfast Meeting held at Emory Hotel, Nairobi. The event was planned by Family Media with an intention to deliberate with Pastors on possible areas of mutual partnership.

It was amazing to see how pastors expressed their interest in working with us. Those in attendance shared their thoughts on how they could help in strengthening our programming.

Mr. Leo Slingerland, CEO Family Media, commented, “This meeting is an open space and a great opportunity to discuss areas of collaboration, we have the platform and you have the content, hence, God has given us the power to do more.”

It was definitely evident throughout the session that pastors are ready for a great time of partnership.

Rev. Tom Otieno, of St. Augustine Madaraka ACK was one of those attending this breakfast. Rev.Otieno said, “The breakfast was a significantly powerful event. Family Media management led by the CEO Mr. Slingerland awakened in us the hunger to do more and be influencers for Christ.”

The pastors equally shared their interest in areas of mutual collaboration ranging from writing articles on topical and national issues that affects the body of Christ, contributing content for Podcasts and for on-air local programs. They unanimously called on us to regularly plan meetings of this kind.

Attendees got to understand the work we are doing in building programs, production infrastructure including Family Media Mobile App and what is rapidly becoming the most important broadcast delivery system – Digital Platform.

Echoing the words Mathew wrote in Mathew 28. CEO Mr. Slingerland said it was a pleasure and privilege to have had an opportunity to Keep Jesus on the Airwaves for the past 23 years, and to be able to minister to people and strengthen their faith through the content and programming that we bring on radio, TV and the digital platforms.


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