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Praise Reports

  1. Today my sister Debbie and I both received Bursaries of 10k each. Now we don’t have fee balances, we are so happy. All the praise to God!
  2. Hallelujah Jesus is Lord…. Thanking Him for the answered prayers, the rain is pouring. Yesterday the guest prayed for the sick. I am healed of the sore throat and my eye is no longer teary and itchy! I thank God.
  3. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you so much for your prayers I requested yesterday for my niece who had a very painful lump on her back neck and was going for MRI today, she went, and the result was good, and she also went through minor surgery the lump was removed successfully and she’s back home and will return to school in 2 days. Glory to God in the heavenly and thank you for taking time to pray for her. Praying for those who are struggling with their health.
  4. I had asked for prayers for my aunt who was seriously sick and depressed. She is healed and was discharged from KNH. I’m so appreciative for standing with me and I thank God for His faithfulness!
  5. I thank God and you for prayers, my mother was very sick, and my father was mentally ill. This was huge on us. Just the two of us as children. We moved to different hospitals for treatment but besides the medication, we could not see the change. I praise God He made away for us. They are both healthy and back to normal. To anyone in this situation He is stilling doing miracles! Newton.
  6. This is Elizabeth and I am so excited to share the PRAISE REPORT! I have been sending a prayer request for a friend who has been waiting for Breast Biopsy results and the results are out and are clean, cancer free, hallelujah and glory be to God!