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Praise Reports

  1. Shalom Family and more blessings! Thank you for standing in the gap, Rehema has gone through the process, God has blessed her with the baby boy. You are a great inspiration! God bless you for praying with me, after days of labour, He has done it. Ruth.
  2. My friend who we have been praying for her business, closed her business because of the harsh economy and financial struggle. She decided to start looking for employment. I am happy to announce God has done it again. God is faithful. Sarah.
  3. We prayed with my my mother in-law has been pursuing her husband’s insurance (my father in-law) who died seven years ago. God is faithful she has finally being paid. Be still and know am God. He is a God. There is nothing he can’t do. Time is not a hindrance. Lennah.
  4. Am so happy and grateful, my heart is rejoicing. The interview I went to I got the job! Help me in Praising our Mighty God and thank you for the prayers. Am so thankful. Glory and honour to him. Mwihaki.
  5. Praise God family prayer cycle! There was a time I requested prayer for my daughter who was expelled from school on the second week of her joining form one. She has spent the whole term at home for the school she was in its like they did not want to give out a transfer letter and, we didn’t get her another school. It has been hectic.
    Your prayer support, she has changed from sleeping out and she now obeys her elders. About school, I thank God she has find a school and the transfer letter we’ve been told to get it from education office, Glory be to God. We still need your prayer coz there remains the issue of school fees now I have nothing at hand but with prayer, doors will open in Jesus’ name. Mwaura
  6. Yesterday’s prayers made a difference, we were So down even electricity was disconnected like 4 days earlier. But today God has done it. One of our debtors paid and now we’re able to get at least part of our accumulated salary and clear electricity bill. I’m so happy, prayers work. Stella.
  7. Praise God, I can testify that God is faithful. Am in a lot of joy because you helped me pray for my needs, just like that God has remembered me. For day I have peace that I lacked for years I remember when you were talking about Elijah doubting God. That gave me faith… Thank you for the prayer for circle. Kibe.