Family Radio 316 wins Gold award at Kuza Awards 2023

One of our highlights this month is winning the prestigious Compliance Award in the Regulatory Award category. The awards were announced on June 16 during the 6th Edition of the Kuza Awards 2023.

The Golden Award was given to Family Radio 316 by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) for our dedication to upholding industry standards.

The gala was a celebration of talent, innovation, and excellence in the digital space and broadcasting industry.

We want to thank you for your commitment to partnering with us. This award is a statement that we are compliant with license requirements, with the requirement to
submit compliance returns within the required timelines, our continued compliance with the
Programming Code, and that we submit periodic statistics and information as is required
and where applicable by the regulatory body the CA.

As Family Media, we have put our attention and investment in producing content that is local and inspiring like SHE, This is My Story, Jam 316, and Prayer Circle, including Crosstalk which will premier start of July 2023.

Thank you for joining hands with us in our quest to create content that is building up lives of people spiritually.

Together we can do more as we meet our obligation of Keeping Jesus on the Airwaves.


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