Family Media acquires new studio equipment to enhance production efficiency

Family Media is blessed to announce the acquisition of a new production system for Family TV. The new Tricaster will improve the quality of our productions and give our audience a better experience as they interact with our content. As we endeavor to keep Jesus on the Airwaves, we are committed to constantly improving quality, efficiency and excellence of our productions.

The TriCaster enables us to create high-end video smoother, faster, and easier. You are certain to watch enhanced caliber of content on our shows such as Jam 316, Prayer Circle, Behind the Scene, special interviews and much more. Our team is working hard to integrate the Tricaster into our TV processes to create captivating multi-platform productions live and on-demand.

While receiving the equipment, Mr. Kenedy Masiolo, the General Manager at Family Media explained the possibilities that the new equipment gives to the station.

“We are going to be able to do much more production.” He explained, “It eliminates the need of constructing a new physical set for each new production. The backdrop can be changed to give feel of different locations for different shows. That reduces the cost in terms of building sets.” Kenedy said.

Family Media would not be able to have this kind of impact in our country and the region without the support of faithful people like you with the heart of the gospel. With your partnership, you do far more than you know.

This latest investment in the studio is going to integrate any other system or workflow that we have. Shows can go live on air in real time, to multiple destinations simultaneously, including online without the need of rendering and waiting for the content to be edited from the editing suite.

“We are going to be in a position to reduce cabling in the studio. The equipment gives us possibilities control peripheral devices easily. One cable from the Tricaster powers a camera and also transmits the video signal at the same time,” Kenedy Masiolo

Once again, we would like to thank you for your continued support in our vision and mission that started 23 years ago. Your generous giving has enabled us to acquire this high-tech system that will make our local productions better as we spread the gospel and bring hope to our generation and the much needed healing.

There is so much going on and much more on the way! That’s why your partnership matters so much to us. Every gift is significant.


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