‘I owe you one for making my kids so happy’ – ‘After the Bell’ Radio Show receives glowing responses.

‘The kids on the show are quite entertaining and energetic’, ‘I'm loving how you're interacting with the children’

It’s been just over a week since ‘After the Bell’ kids program launched on Family Radio 316. The reviews are in; the children love it and the parents are grateful.

One parent wrote in: Thanks!!!😂 They (kids) are still jumping up and down!!!.. They promised to listen to you every evening at 5pm…. I owe you one for making my kids so happy.

Another one commented about the kids who featured in the show:  Hi Sheerow!!! I am listening in from Nairobi. I’m loving the show and how you’re interacting with the children. The Lord bless y’all.

Wanjiru Mutua (Sheerow), the host, who also serves in children’s ministry in her church spoke with our MD Leo Slingerland on the show ‘Behind the Scenes (BTS)’.

“This role is in line with my passion which is for kids to know about Jesus. There’s a lot of influences and spiritual apathy going on in kids. This is the age of social media and they are getting all kinds of information. We should take advantage and use this time, their formative years, to let them know about the gospel.”

Kids have so much information from the world today. When you introduce the gospel, you are fighting with other forces in their lives. Children are also questioning faith and the lifestyles of people around them who claim to be Christians. That why it’s vital to give them a voice, a chance to discuss issues, a platform where they can be heard and be guided to the truth of the gospel message.

That’s what happens on ‘After the Bell’.

The show starts by children (guests) playing a game with Sheerow (the host) then they do a quiz competition. A discussion topic is then introduced and interaction goes on between Sheerow and the kids. After that, a story of the day is played and kids get to answer some questions based on it. Great music is played in between the sections.

But you have to listen in to understand the gist of it and why parents and kids are loving this show.

Wanjiru says that the target age of 9 to 15 is where children start exercising independence and responsibility, where they form belief systems and find their own identity.

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Does it work though? Are children getting the message?

“With kids it, might be slow”, says Wanjiru. “If you expect instant results, you might think this job is futile. But as the bible says ‘train a child in the way they should go and when they grow up they will not depart from it.’ That’s what we do.”

There’s much garbage that comes with adulthood due to exposure. Children on the other hands are innocent and genuine. If they consider you an authority they will listen to what you say.

That’s why parents are the most important people in the discipleship of their children. Parent should use that God-given opportunity to speak into their children’s lives and preach the gospel to them.

Here are some more responses from Listeners

  • Keep it going and sharing the deep word of God. Those life games and general knowledge is very beneficial in this time
  • Hi Sheerow!!! … here, listening in from Nairobi. I’m loving the show and how you’re interacting with the children. The Lord bless y’all
  • … here, listening in from Thome. Loving the talk and the song “Provider” really is a vibe. Timely reminder
  • This kids are on another level
  • Loving the show. Elionai is cracking me up… Listening from South Africa.
  • Hi my name is … and am listening from Woodley. Enjoying 😊😊💃🏾
  • My name is …, I’m listening in from kiambu. What a beautiful show this is! Thoroughly enjoying it
  • Loving the show – After the Bell with Shiro …trying to answer to the quizzes with my daughter


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