A seed planted in childhood – Stories of our partners

When Florence was a child, she would wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch the Bible story cartoons on Family TV. Today, she is a 4th year medical student at Kenyatta University and has been supporting Family Media for two years.

When she joined university in 2019, she wanted to make the best out of her commute time to campus. Perhaps to listen to something that would edify her. That’s when she remembered that Family TV also has a radio station. She googled the frequency and Family Radio 316 has been her home ever since.

Campus and young adulthood has its challenges but Florence is thankful that God has used Family Media to ground her in her faith. She says, “I’ve gotten to learn more about God, and I’m always being challenged to seek Him more and more, I’ve also been rebuked a number of times. Shows like the relationship clinic and financial clinic really get me thinking about the future and I feel like they are helping me prepare for it.”

Florence supports family media because she understands that through her giving someone will be able to hear the good news and the Holy Spirit will convict them to give their lives to Christ. She also supports because she wants to help keep Family Media on air so that she can continue learning and growing.

June Nduta is a stay-at-home mom who’s been married for nine years. Hers is a blended family of five. The children are two boys and a girl.

After she got born again, she knew that her choice of music had to change. She decided to look for stations that play Gospel music. Family Radio 316 was the first station she got and it’s pretty much all she listens to.

She’s an ardent listener of A Celebration of Music (ACOM) which is hosted by Wilfred Njeru every weekday from 9am to 1pm. The show has impacted her life and she’s blessed by the wonderful music which helps her to be mindful of God’s presence and also stay in His presence.

June has been supporting Family Media for almost 4 years after being prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so and she’s never looked back.


You can also support the work of Family Media, even if you are just a student like Florence or a stay-at-home mom like June. Call/SMS/WhatsApp 0786316316.

Catch Florence and June this Friday on the ‘Behind the Scenes’ show at 8.30pm on Family TV.



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