The truth can come out of children

“If you’re sick, it’s okay. But if you’re lazy, you need to check on yourself.” That was a response from a child who was asked if it’s enough to do online church. It was one of the episodes of After the Bell (ATB) program in which the topic of discussion was the importance of church.

Such is the bluntness and innocence of children that adults lack. Correcting each other as adults is like walking on eggshells.

In another episode, Sheerow, the host, talked to the kids about false prophets/teachers and how to identify them. She says, “I asked one of the children if the miracles of false teachers work or not. She said ‘they do work but the spirit behind them is wrong.’ It was mind blowing that at such a young age, the truth can come out of children.”

It’s a testimony of what the bible says, that God has revealed his truth to babes (little children).

Photo taken at St. Christine Community Center in Kibra

There have been opportunities to visit churches and schools to record the programs. So far the team has visited Bright Morning Star School located at Umoja, Maono Educational Center and St. Christine Community Center in Kibra.

“That was really beautiful. The children are underprivileged but they know that Jesus is their friend. Because of that they sound very refined because of the faith and hope that they hold,” Sheerow reports.

At Maono Educational Center, Sheerow recalls children coming to her at the end of the recording and saying they have a word of encouragement to tell the people. They are a witness to what Jesus said that unless we become like children, we shall not inherit his kingdom.

As we reach out to these kids for Jesus, we realize that the kids are reaching out to us. We always think that we are going to give but we end up receiving from them.

In an interesting way in one of the episodes, Sheerow interacted with Muslim kids.

She says, “It can be very sensitive when dealing with kids, because you don’t want backlash from their parents. But God has given us a space to penetrate where we can speak and expose these kids to Jesus Christ. It might seem little because we don’t necessarily preach like churches do. We give them a platform and interject with questions and insights that are seeds which we believe others will water and God will make them grow.”

That’s what After the Bell is about, planting seeds, introducing Jesus in conversations and praying that God will make them grow.

After the Bell runs on Family Radio 316 every weekday from 5pm to 6pm and on Saturdays at 8am. The podcasts which include bible stories narrated by Sheerow will available on from next week.


  1. When i listen to After the Bell,my inner child is happy and my grown self appreciates the lessons i forgot are important. Sheerow is a rare gem💎 .May God keep blessing her.Working with children is the purest form of service🙏

  2. Am so pleased to hear such a wise child. I have had an opportunity to marvel at Sheerow’s presentation and wonder who was the adult behind her. But l now know that God is using this child to minister even to adults. May the power of the Holy Spirit of God our Father always always be with her through Christ Jesus.


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