Leading with Humanity

The tough economic times are cutting across not only on individuals but also private businesses. Which are trying to mitigate the cost of living, survive and thrive in the current business environment. “In the period from July 2021 to February 2022, 1,365 companies closed operations in Kenya. In 2020/2021, 2,540 establishments closed down in the country.”

The number refers to businesses previously registered in the country’s registrar of companies. This week Kune Food, an affordable cloud kitchen closed down its operation in Kenya. Leading to 90 employees being laid off and the company liquidating its Kenyan assets.  The company that was barely an year old in the country contributed its closure to the tough economic times and strategy.

What stood out with this closure unlike the others at least for me was the CEO Robbin Reecht. The approach he took in his press statement was heartfelt, well thought out and courageous. Courageous as he took accountability of the failure of the business admits the economic challenges.

“My first thoughts go to my team. You put your heart and soul into building the Kune that so many people loved. I’m deeply sorry it didn’t work out. Not only did you invest in Kune but you gave us your time, brain width, connections, and emotional support. I am deeply sorry that Kune’s vision didn’t come true. To betray your confidence is something for which I will never forgive myself,” read part of the CEO’s statement.

The moral of the story is, “If serving is below you then leadership is beyond you.” Leadership is not only about generating profits about also empowering your employees, this holistic leadership. How many bosses can take this route?



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