The Gender Debate: Wholesome perspectives

I was having a conversation about who has it easier between men and women in society. It’s a wide topic and we must appreciate the different facets of society like the workplace, home/family, and the general public perception.

That said, Paul from Nairobi says “A man has to do what a man has to do. Society rests on the shoulders of men. It is like a man feels the pressure of his responsibilities. Men are the ones who have it harder.”

In some sense, there is truth to what Paul is saying. However, there are challenges that I think each gender goes through that neither is aware of the other struggles in society.

Kevin, a media practitioner says “In terms of finances, women have more access and avenues to get money. But I think women go through a lot more harassment, for instance being groped in a public means vehicle, unfair treatment from men because of their gender e.t.c. As for men, they are emasculated a lot, being told that they are not real men because of different reasons, and the more you hear it, it affects you. Men are more self-conscious and they feel weighed down if they do not achieve. Men are not appreciated. Even amongst friend groups, it’s hard to find that.”

I think we need to take on the conversation in the direction that sheds light on each gender equally, whereby we see each gender as having strengths to display and weaknesses to work on. Also, seeing each gender as prone to the same issues but in different ways, because the problems of life do not choose between men and women, problems simply choose any living being.

We are all children under God, so we must each be aware of our uniqueness and that we are each special. No gender deserves disservice and every gender deserves some sort of societal support.

Let’s move from gender bashing and talk about gender purpose… which, is a story for another day!


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