2022 Presidential Debate still on amidst confusion

Head of the Presidential Debates Secretariat Clifford Machoka confirmed on Tuesday that the event is still on as scheduled despite the undertones of candidates skipping it for various reasons. 

According to the Presidential Debates Secretariat the debates shall take plate in two tiers; first one for those with less than 5% approval ratings and second one for those with 5% and above.

Despite announcing that he will not attend the debate, Presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah was the first to arrive at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA), the venue of the debate.

Speaking when he arrived at the grounds, this is what he had to say;

“I am not participating unless we are four. That is what I have come to confirm because they never replied to my letter. If the media wants to corrupt the intelligence of this society, I am not going to debate, unless we are four.”

Wajackoyah who has reiterated in recent weeks that he will only attend the debate if allowed to share the podium with the perceived front-runners Deputy President William Ruto and Raila Odinga.

As it stands, Wajackoyah and his Agano Party counterpart David Mwaure are set to face-off in the first session since they are polled below five per cent in terms of popularity as per latest opinion polls.

Mwaure who equally arrived at the venue a few minutes after the Roots Party leader, expressied confidence in his preparedness.

“I am prepared to tell Kenyans that this time we must bring change and elect a new person, who is me. I have joined this race because I believe it is time to sweep the old and bring the new,” Mwaure said.

“I am happy, it is the right of Kenyans to listen to all of us. I am expecting to meet my competitor, and I encourage the others to come,” added Agano Mwaure, who was accompanied by his running mate Ruth Mutua.

The second tier will see DP Ruto battle it out with Odinga since their popularity ratings are above five per cent according to the same opinion polls.

Wajackoyah has insisted that the polls used in segmenting the Presidential Debate into two tiers are not factual.

More update to follow...


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