The Church has a mission to fight Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the society

As the nation counts days to the August 9 polls, the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has embarked on a national campaign against drug abuse in efforts to counsel youth against the use of alcohol and drugs

The Authority on Tuesday hosted the leadership of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya to explore areas of partnership around the role of the church in prevention and management of drug abuse before, during and after the elections.

While addressing the leaders the NACADA CEO Victor Okioma said that they could not divorce the church from its role in prevention and management of alcohol and drug abuse in society and by extension the country.

“We appreciate the pivotal role played by the church in behaviour change. Drug abuse starts in the family, continues in the family and can also end in the family. So, the only way to fight drugs is at a family level,” Victor Okioma CEO NACADA.

He called on the Church as a positive influencer to teach the youth how to make sound decisions and disown politicians who use them to disrupt the society peace.

“Some politicians are facilitating the youth with Alcohol and drugs for support and to cause riots during campaigns. We should come together to denounce such Leaders,” he said.

On his part, Bishop George Ogalo pointed out that the church only thrives when the family thrives.

“Positive language, active listening and empathy help maintain a peaceful and happy family environment during these stressful time,”Bishop Ogalo

The EAK leadership emphasised that the drug addicts needed hope that is beyond counseling citing that a times the only solution is Spiritual.

“The church has an opportunity to speak to thousands of people…. Let’s take that opportunity to shed more light on prevention of drug abuse,” General Secretary EAK Dr. Nelson Makanda

NACADA offers Medically Assisted Therapy to Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) addicts on their recovery journey and now says that Alcohol and Drug Abuse education should start as early as 6 years of age both at home and at school.


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