Behind the Death Sentence in Kenya

The deputy presidential debate last week brought up the issue of “Capital Punishment” death sentence as a means to end corruption. Our constitution as we stand permits the issuance of the death sentence. However, the last time the execution were carried out was in 1987.

Although for the last 30 years no executions has occurred. Thousands and thousands of Kenyans still remain on death waiting for natural courses to enact the penalty.  In 2017, the Supreme Court listening to the case of Francis Muruatetu declared that the mandatory death sentence was unconstitutional.

There has been a confusion over the ruling since then with the Chief Justice Martha Koome stating that the decision did not outlaw the penal code but gave judges the discretion on the kind of sentencing they can give to convicts. The court directs the revision of judiciary sentencing policy guidelines case in December 2017, will only apply in murder cases.

Data from the United Nations shows that 170 countries have abolished the death penalty or do not practice it. The question stands from a Christian point of view should we still uphold the death penalty?


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