Gender-Based Violence: Only 1 in 10 Women Report

Gender based violence has become a saddening reality with new cases being reported more frequently. COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns seems to have catalysed the growing number of cases.

1 in 2 women have reported that they know of a woman who has experienced a form of violence since the COVID-19 pandemic hit,” a report by UN Women has revealed.

The pandemic brought to life the hidden truth of the impact and lack of proper set legislation and structures when it comes to GBV.

“It exposed the gaps in accessing essential services such as quality and timely medical treatment, limited access to shelter or safe houses, protection and financial assistance, mental health and psychosocial support, limited access to justice and inadequate funding from both the national and county governments for GBV prevention, response, and monitoring,” Susan Kendi, International Commission of Jurists Kenya.

The report further indicates that, “only 1 in 10 women said that victims would go to the police for help.” There has also been an increase in male victims of Gender-Based Violence in the country, making the issue of GBV a societal issues as opposed to male versus women agenda.

To put into perspective the impact of GBV, Sheila Chege hosted an Advocate Naomi Kilima, Njoki Njehu, Gender Activist, and  Naomi Ngugi a Psychologist on Family Radio 316 drive show “This Is The Day,” listen in:


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