Justice for baby David

#JusticeforbabyDavid has been trending since yesterday; a horrific and traumatizing story done by Lynn Ngugi.

Horrified and broken, Maureen Njoki, lost her youngest son David to murder.

In a quest to make a better life for herself and her two sons Peter and David, having grown up in poverty, orphaned, and in an abusive upbringing with her grandmother, not having any other option, agreed to work abroad in Saudi Arabia to fend for her family.

In Maureen’s plans to leave her children in safe hands, her maternal grandmother who raised her did not want to commit to staying with her children. Maureen’s friendship with one Phyllis Njeri, who seemed to care for Maureen and her children, having been aware of Maureen’s background, offered to care for her children while she was away, but with financial support and a stipend at the end of the month.

To Maureen’s shock and trauma, after sending payment to Phyllis in the first month of being with her kids, she noticed that Phyllis was no longer responsive to her messages and requests to see pictures of her kids.

After tirelessly trying to find out about her children, unsatisfied and uneasy, Maureen came back to Kenya and to her horror, found out that her baby David was murdered by the woman she called a friend. If that is not enough, her eldest son Peter, 7 years old, helplessly watched the whole inhumane act with his own eyes and was even told the next day by an alleged caretaker, a woman, to wash the blood out.

Watch more on this heartbreaking story, share it as well... let’s get #JusticeforbabyDavid


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