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Identity Assurance: You are blessed.

Know that you are blessed because the LORD says it! Family Radio 316 · Identity Assurance: You are blessed.

Identity Assurance: You are accepted

We look at being accepted. We are children of God and he has accepted us as his own. Family Radio 316 · Identity Assuarance: You...

Identity Assurance: You are loved

We continue the series on identity assurance as Pastor James looks at 'You are loved' Family Radio 316 · Identity Assuarance: You are Loved

Let’s keep the peace: A playlist for this season #26

As we anticipate Kenya's Election results may these songs remind us where we find our peace and who is in control in the end.

Identity Assurance: You are not forgotten

Family Radio 316 · Identity Assuareance: You are not forgotten

God’s Love and Power: Friday Playlist #25

This week we stand in awe of God's immense love for us and His power at work in our lives. The LORD is ever...

Life on Purpose: From receiving to giving

Nicholus Oluoch is a minister and a giver at heart. He tells the story of how he moved from the receivers end to being...

Principles for Living: Principle of exaltation

Its important to understand that whatever choices and decisions your making are going to glorify your Father in heaven. Pastor Omolo concludes the series on...

The Principles for Living: Edification

Pastor Omollo carries on with the series on Principles of living. We look at the principle of edification. Family Radio 316 · The Principle for...

Principles for Living: Principles of Example

Join Pastor William Omole as we carry on the series of Principles for living. Family Radio 316 · Principles for Living: Principles of Example

Back to Back Old School and Good Vibes: Friday Playlist #22

Back to back from top artists and a few new school vibes.

Principles for Living: The Principle of Enslavement.

Pastor William Omole takes us through a series on principles for living. We begin with The Principles of Enslavement. Family Radio 316 · Principles for...

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