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When you have a skill that you don’t like

Join Frida Owinga as we try to discover whether it is possible to still use some of the skills we have, that we may...

Chilled Playlist #43

Have a great weekend!

THRIVE: What if you are not passionate about your skills?

Do you find your self desiring more out of your skills? Or do you see yourself as good at one thing and the other...

A Mix of Hits and the Latest #37

May this bless you this weekend!

Re-Born Playlist #41

Enjoy your weekend with this playlist that inspires and encourages who we are in Christ, that is, born again!    

Friday #35 Playlist!

Good vibes as always on this blessed Friday. Listen in and share!

ELDER NGANGA: Parental Influence on Children

Esther 9:28 "And that these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these...

Lifestyle 360: Becoming more Creative

We explore the world of creativity in relation to our work and how it can help us be better in our performance and work...

Friday Worship #39

Enjoy your weekend in the presence of the LORD.  

Answering the Call: Be Open and Bold

Join Pastor James on this weeks conclusion of Answering the Call.       Family Radio 316 · Answering the Call: Be Open and Bold

When your doubt is silenced

Guiding Scripture: Luke 1:1-22 In the normalcy, in what we call our "normal roles" we may not think God is watching. Sometimes we go through...

Answering The Call: Ask and Seek (Before)

Here is a quick recap of the devotional hour with Pastor James Okumu. We continue this impactful series tomorrow (Tuesday)     Family Radio 316 · Answering...

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