More East Africans to face Hunger

New reports by Oxfam released on the 22nd March 2022, indicate as many as 28 million people across East Africa face severe hunger if the March rains fail. Due to this shortage, the country suffered 70% drop in crop production. The report paints a gloomier picture as 3.1 million Kenyans are facing acute hunger and are in need of aid. The government has declared this a national disaster, however little to no publicity is given to the current food insecurity.

“East Africa faces a profoundly alarming hunger crisis. Areas of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and beyond are experiencing an unfolding full-scale catastrophe. Even if the rains do arrive this month, full recovery will be near impossible unless urgent action is taken today,” said Gabriela Bucher, Oxfam Executive Director.

The spike in the cost of living is anticipated to go up, if the relevant international bodies and East African countries do not come together to combat the current state of Food insecurity. Reports stated that, 44 million people worldwide went into extreme poverty after inflation and food prices went up in 2010-11 period.

The situation is not only dire in the Northern part of the country but in the entire country. “Nearly half of all households in Kenya are having to borrow food or buy it on credit,” Oxfam. Aside from the current state of food shortage, the entire country will be undergoing a water rationing program for a couple of weeks or months as the water levels in the nation are low. What needs to happen to help our countrymen as well as ourselves?


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