No More Excuses: Send Someone Else

Exodus 4:13 (NIV)
“But Moses said, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.’
Moses, despite experiencing God’s miraculous signs and hearing His clear command, reaches a point of sheer reluctance. He simply doesn’t want to go. “Please send someone else,” he pleads. Moses’ hesitation underscores a profound human truth: fear and self-doubt often paralyze us, even in the face of divine assurance.
God’s response to Moses is both firm and compassionate. He doesn’t let Moses off the hook but instead provides a solution to alleviate his fear. God appoints Aaron, Moses’ brother, to be his spokesperson. This not only addresses Moses’ concern but also reinforces God’s patience and understanding. He assures Moses that he will not be alone; God’s presence and Aaron’s support would be with him.
This narrative teaches us that God understands our fears and doubts. He doesn’t abandon us to our insecurities but provides the support we need to fulfill His purposes. Like Moses, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by the magnitude of God’s call. We might feel inadequate, unworthy, or simply unwilling. Yet, God’s call is persistent and His provision is abundant. He equips us, not because we are inherently capable, but because His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
In our lives today, we may encounter moments where we feel overwhelmed by the tasks or missions God places before us. We might echo Moses’ plea, wishing for God to choose someone else. However, just as God provided Aaron for Moses, He places people and resources around us to support and uplift us.
1. What are some areas in your life where you feel God is calling you, but you feel inadequate or unwilling?
2. How can you seek and recognize the ‘Aarons’ God has placed in your life to help you in your journey?
3. What steps can you take to move from reluctance to action in fulfilling God’s call?


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