A Justice System fit for Children: CJ Koome launches children service week

The Judicial “Children’s Service Week” has been launched earlier today, by Chief Justice Martha Koome at the Supreme Courts. November has been marked as a month that serves children in the quest to achieve, “A Justice System fit for Children.” The month is dedicated to sensitising the public on children’s rights and fast-tracking their cases across all court stations within the country.

“You can hold me personally accountable for anything that happens to children in the judicial system because I have instructed courts to prioritise children’s cases,” Chief Justice Koome.

The introduction of Annual Children Matters Service week began last year; which was commissioned by National Council on Administrative Justice (NCAJ). As part of a strategy by the Judiciary to enhance access to justice for children as entrenched in the NCAJ strategic plan, 2021-2026.

During last years’ service week; 1,800 children cases were solved by the judiciary. With the Chief justice calling on special focus on prioritizing clearance of children matters that have been in courts beyond the statutory six months period, in this month’s service week.


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