“We will have people-centered, service-oriented Police to combat crime” – President Ruto

The Government will deliver security in the country without sacrificing fundamental rights.

President William Ruto said the police will be transformed into a more professional and autonomous service. He noted that the service will be cushioned against political and bureaucratic manipulations.
“Without autonomy, the service is vulnerable to weaponisation, making it a threat to our security.”
The President explained that the police-to-citizen ratio will also be escalated to “responsively and effectively” combat crime.
The President made the remarks on Wednesday during the pass-out parade for the recruits at the National Police College in Embakasi, Nairobi County.
Kenya, he added will not relent in its quest for a stable, peaceful and prosperous Horn of Africa.
“We will seize every opportunity to restore stability in the region through peacekeeping deployments and robust diplomatic efforts.”


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