S.Sudan President Kiir vows to support women empowerment

President Kiir pledged to support women empowerment activities in the country while officiating the International Women’s Conference in Juba on Monday.

The three-day conference which brings together women across the country, and from the region and in the outside world aims to foster gender equality and women empowerment in the country.

The conference seeks to create a space for women leaders to reflect on their personal leadership journeys as they share perspectives and recommendations on the role of women in decision making across peace and security domains.

It also deliberates on actions and strategies to strengthen women participation in leadership and expands networks for shared learning to build stronger women movement.

In his opening remarks at the conference, President Kiir acknowledged the challenges facing women in the country.

President Salva Kiir officiating Int’l Women Conference in Juba. (Photo: Office of the President).

The president vowed to ensure that his government addresses issues affecting women so as to empower them to flourish and prosper economically, in governance and in security.

“This conference came at the time when we have joined to debate a momentum in our deliberate effort to empower women in our country, by empowerment I mean enabling women to realize their full potential and capacity to lead and contribute to nation building,” Kiir said.

He also added that Gender-Based Violence and discrimination will not be tolerated as they hinder progress of nation.

“One of the principles we fought for was to free our citizens, and part of this freedom was also for women to take an active role in nation building and to share their experiences with other women in the global societies. This conference fulfills that vision.”

The revitalized peace agreement provides for a 35 percent quota for women’s participation in the transitional government.

However, there have been complains that the government formation did not reflect the 35 percent women representation.

The president recognized the need to create an enabling environment favorable for women to explore their potential in aspect of the society.

“When I look at these keen audience, I see distinguished women, women leaders who have broken through and created the path for young women aspiring to become future leaders to follow. These women leaders are the affirmation of what a younger generation must strive to be”.

The conference will concentrate on six thematic areas that affect women in their day-to-day lives, that is women, peace and security, governance and political participation and women’s economic empowerment.

It will also center its discussion on climate change and its impact on gender equality, movement building and women’s leadership in civil society and inter-generational pathways to leadership.


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