Doctors Urge Couple to Abort Baby at 19 Weeks Gestation Over Health Concerns But They ‘Decided to Trust God’

A couple expecting their first child chose to lean on their Christian faith rather than take a doctor’s advice when the pregnancy took a turn for the worse.

Tatyana Ramjohn was just 19 weeks pregnant in February 2019 when her water broke. Doctors encouraged Tatyana and her husband Timothy to consider aborting the baby because the health risks were too great.

According to Live Action, the expectant parents were told that their son wouldn’t survive or could have severe disabilities. Tatyana’s life was also in danger if she continued to carry the baby due to the possibility of infection. But abortion wasn’t an option so Tatyana agreed to remain on bed rest in the hospital for the duration of her pregnancy.

“We were handed a list of abortion clinics because at 19 weeks the chance of survival is 0% if she went into labor, in addition, an infection or hemorrhage can put her life at risk,” Timothy said. “Despite all the risks and advice, Taty decided to trust God and remain pregnant on bedrest without any fluid in the womb. All we had was faith.”

On April 15, 2019, the Ramjohns welcomed their son Easton into the world at 27 weeks gestation. Doctors even referred to the preemie as a “miracle boy.”

“We have a long road ahead but we are more than confident that God will see us all the way through. What a gift!!!!! Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and support we really felt it,” Timothy wrote on Instagram.

Due to Easton’s frail condition, Tatyana had to wait 10 days before she could hold him but when the moment finally arrived, it was bliss. After spending four months in the NICU, Easton was finally ready to go home with his parents.

“123 restless days of around the clock care, prayers and love in the NICU we finally get to bring him home. We’re also extremely grateful for all the doctors and nurses at Memorial Regional Hospital for caring for my wife and Easton while in utero and for so those of you that has supported us,” Timothy wrote. “Words cannot express our gratitude. This journey is far from over, but we’re glad to be home and grateful to have so many of you walking with us along the way. Thank you Jesus for this miracle and thank you Taty for your sacrifice.”

Easton overcame several medical challenges like using a feeding tube and having to wear a helmet but he’s blossomed into a fun-loving little boy. He’s also a big brother. The Ramjohns welcomed their second son, Cannon on May 4, 2021.

Throughout their long and emotional journey, Timothy and Tatyana kept faith close to their hearts. Even when medical professionals urged them to consider the dangers of carrying Easton, they were steadfast in prayer that the Holy Spirit would continue to protect them.

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You,” Psalm 56:3.






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