Happy Africa Month          

Every May the world joins in the celebration of the continent of Africa through Africa Month. This was marked to celebrate the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). This made the continent a pioneer for being the first continent to focus on continental unity and to encourage nation-building through unity and freedom of oppression, in 1963. Africa Month is the build-up to the celebration of Africa Day on the 25th of May.

This year YouTube has joined in the celebration by having different events spread across Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria. The events are intended to reaffirm YouTube’s commitment to growing Africa’s creator ecosystem and to spotlight and celebrate the creative. “We’re incredibly proud at YouTube to provide a platform that shares Africa’s creativity with the rest of the world. From music, fashion, and beauty to the latest trending movements, YouTube plays an important role in the emergence and expression of Africa’s unique cultural stories to local and global audiences. By commemorating Africa Month through these impactful initiatives, we continue to spotlight and elevate the work of creators and artists who are at the forefront of the continent’s creative explosion,” says Alex Okosi, managing director of Emerging Markets at YouTube Europe, the Middle East, and Africa region.

Happy Africa Month, what are you most proud of as an African?


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