Catholic Bishops Calls on the Church to do more!

The mix of faith and politics this year has been more prevalent than in the last couple of years with various church leaders coming to the forefront to address issues of leadership, credible elections, and peace during these political tense times. The Conference of Catholic bishops are the latest to join in the movement by urging churches to interrogate politicians before the upcoming elections.

If you depend on the politician to know the truth, then we are going down the drain. And if the church doesn’t speak the truth then nobody will. At this point in time, the church must raise its head and voice to speak the truth so that we don’t go down the drain.”  Joseph Obanyi – Bishop, Kakamega. The church was urged to reposition itself to its right pedestal, “We must be able to position ourselves as the church in a position where we can arbitrate. So we must be able to build on trust and goodwill. Arbitration is based on trust and goodwill. But who is going to trust or have goodwill upon us if no one speaks about us?” Archbishop Anthony Muheria.

The bishops further urged the church to speak against tribalism and forge a spirit of acceptance.


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