Evangelizing the cities in Africa

Founded in 1981, African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya (AEE) is an inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to transforming lives for Christ through an empowered church.

Rev. Benson Omondi is the team leader and CEO of the African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya. He says the organization has missions around the African continent, including Kenya.

“Our main mission is to evangelize cities of Africa through proclamation (of God’s word) and community transformation activities,” says Rev. Benson.

AEE reaches out through a model called stratified evangelism, which is basically a way of delivering the gospel to everyone in a city, regardless of social status. It’s the same gospel but the presentation is different for the diverse groups living in a city. Crusades, business meetings, dinners and one on one meetings are some of the events used to reach out to the different groups.

So far AEE has ministered to over 6 million people through their city wide missions with over a million giving their lives to Christ. Evangelism is one of the major arms of the church ministry which builds authentic relationships with communities and the lost people.

But why urban centers?

Because more and more people are moving to urban centers. 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050.

“If you put your efforts in evangelizing that space, by default you are evangelizing to more than half the population,” says Rev. Benson. “For us cities are any urban settings with over 250,000 people. Those are the places that we take the gospel.”

Social action

Jesus Christ demonstrated to us the importance of reaching out to the sick, wounded and destitute who were often abandoned. Like the early church, AEE Kenya has boldly stepped into the challenge of caring for the vulnerable and the sick.

They are at the frontline ministering and comforting the needy while pointing them to the only one who can deliver and rescue them. One of their health centers is located in Soweto     Kayole in the East part of Nairobi. It offers primary healthcare services, taking care of pregnant mothers, children and the elderly.

William Muchiri, the social action coordinator at AEE Kenya reports that God has used the health center to significantly impact the lives of the local residents. Cases of HIV, TB, home deliveries have gone down in the community.

Covid-19 inspired innovation in evangelism according to Rev. Omondi.

“During the Pandemic, some evangelism approaches were affected just like church life was disrupted due to the lockdown, but thank God because COVID-19 did not stop evangelism.”

Through AEE programs, many churches have found effective and creative ways to be active in missions and to engage in evangelism.

“It is time to intentionally return to the great commission,” concludes Rev. Omondi. ”To make disciples of all people, for that is our call to fulfill.”

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