‘Whoever Sold Me the Car Was Alive’: Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Speaks Out from Jail

Written By: Atahabih Germain

Details continue to surface surrounding the Sunday, April 10, arrest of gospel singer Kirk Franklin’s estranged son Kerrion Franklin in Los Angeles. As previously reported, the “Bad Boys Los Angeles” star was pulled over last weekend and is being held without bond after he was spotted driving a car that reportedly belongs to a missing woman who is presumed dead. However, the reality star claims he’s being framed.

In a jailhouse phone interview with blogger Larry Reid of “Larry Reid Live,” the 34-year-old maintained that someone was setting him up after Beverly Hill Police reportedly found a firearm in the vehicle Kerrion was in when he was pulled over.

“Things have just been happening around me. Feeling like I’m being set up, feeling like people are trying to catch me doing wrong,” the Zeus network star said. “After I was already booked in jail, they’re trying to put extra gun charges on me. Over the past year, I’ve had multiple vehicles like, I’m a producer, filmmaker, like, I just love entertainment, but it comes with a lot.”

Kerrion expressed feelings of being “manipulated” and “misused,” telling Reid, “I’m not out here getting in trouble or be around the wrong people who are out here trying to get me framed for their wrongdoings, as well.”


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