Truth Be Told: The Political Love Story

It is a season of love in all scopes. Wooing is happening left right and center, with the media as the watchdog zooming in and out of the “romancers.” But are we ready to be swept up by an umbrella because of the promises, gifts, and the identities of the romancers?

Let us define the terms before you are lost, promises are the manifestos, gifts are the handouts and identities is the tribe while finally romancers are the politician. For the average Kenyan an individual is who they are looking at. If they say jump, they will, if they say vote for everyone in my party they will.

But if we focus on this illusion we end up losing great leaders in our quest of giving our “tribe” power. Oh! My apologies our “leader” power. Voting should be based on merit whether your party leader recommends someone it is up to you to investigate and weigh the value system of the individuals you are giving power to.

Your vote is power, you are crowing your rule. If they lead us to the promise land or divert our ways we are the only ones to blame. In a country where our national vision is none existence and the only thing close to it was Vision 2030. We have more problems than we recognize as a country.

All of country’s problems could be solved by an elaborate vision for where we want to be as a people. We voted in a new constitution and we are reaping its fruits hence we can also demand for our leaders to formulate a national vision for us as a people. But before we get there we should be blinded off from the parties and tribe and vote in leaders who will work for us and not us working for them.


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