My story: How God unexpectedly answered my Prayer for a Spouse

Article by Caroline Njuguna

Pray, have faith and wait upon the Lord.

I have learnt to wait upon and trust God in all. Yes, in everything. I have a ‘heartbreak’ phobia and it kept me from dating. However, breaking relationships today is rampant among young people. People are not taking relationships seriously and the purpose of marriage is not understood God’s way.

I decided to fully involve God in my marriage life. I prayed hard and had faith. I believed this would attract God’s blessings to me. Let me tell you how you can put God first before taking a step on dating or accepting a proposal.

In my early youthful life, that stage when getting married was nowhere in mind, that’s when I started praying for my future husband. You don’t expect me to have spotted a potential husband at this point. I was in my secondary school, there was still a long way to go before getting into such matters.

Why so early, you may ask?

Well, if I really had to make faithful prayer to God with no disruptions from my mind, that was the right time. It’s somehow hard to pray while having a list or a single person in mind who you are not very sure about. You are tempted to go by what your mind thinks about the person or rather your physical judgment. You can find yourself nudging God towards a certain direction.

For instance, you feel a person is not your match judging by their financial status. At the same time, there is the person who is very stable and you think the future is very promising together. Do you really think you would present a prayer of faith to God asking for His divine intervention?  Most likely not, you will be tempted to follow your mind.

At 28 years, I was still not in a hurry to get married. Most of my campus friends were married or had kids. With many financial obligations, getting married was not a priority even though it was a major prayer item.

I liked my lifestyle, unique or so I perceived it. I had never dated. I didn’t want to find myself in any act that would expedite fornication thoughts either physically or emotionally. My social life was one of its kind; no listening to erotic content, no watching romance movies, no listening to music with any hint of sexual arousal. Mark you, this was at campus.

In my late teens, one is expected to be exposed socially, be self-aware and have an idea on sexuality. I was so different and this amazed my friends.

“Your contact please?” This was a common phrase to girls from men and boys. My response was ever simple yet complex all the same. “Have it, but no texts no calls. Want to tell me something, wait till we meet.” I never accepted hugs from men. Handshake, period!

I remember this like yesterday. Someone called very early in the morning. It was a bit strange receiving calls at such a time. I was just from my private morning devotion in my room. What made the call weirder is that it was a stranger. “Hello, good morning. I’m Rob, chances are that you don’t know me, but that’s not important. I have known you for quite some time….”

He went ahead and proposed for a relationship!

“Fine Rob give me one year I think about it.” This was meant to push him away. Who would wait for one year to get a response for marriage engagement?

“Okay, one is long, but I will wait Anna,” Rob replied satisfactorily.

‘What just happened? I got myself tied, I thought he would give up’. I later called him just to add more strict instructions. “Don’t ever call me, don’t text or try to meet up with me. Let’s meet next year at such a time.”

“No problem Anna,” Rob was getting into my nerves. It was now clear that I could not get rid of him.

At one point we had family meeting and Rob presented himself. This was hilarious because I had not invited him. I later learnt that he was a good friend of my elder brother. The way he interacted with my family members amazed me. I started seeing him differently.

I started meeting Rob occasionally in church and youth seminars. He was a cool person with few friends. To me he was an introvert.

As a prayer answered, or so I believed, I could not resist his graceful, courtly, sleek and tasteful look. This is understatement to describe my first sight of Rob. This is not what I expected or ever imagined! I loved what I was seeing! Everything about him was incredible.

Rob being my husband is so fulfilling. He is the best dad for our son. We argue or have small fights at one time or another, but this binds us even more. I have never fallen in love before, I can’t imagine anything better or worse. Satisfaction and virgin-love characterizes us. We always call and text whenever we are not near each other.

I had no doubts about being with Rob my entire life. In fact after some days in marriage, I realized he had all the characteristics I would have wanted in a husband. Yeah, if God knows me more than I know myself, then what he wants for my life is beyond what I can ever think.

It’s a challenge, you don’t get the right person by using your knowledge and stalking him to determine if he’s worthy. Try Jesus, who knows his heart more than you, and is always willing to help if we go to Him in faith.

Most people are awed by our story, others learn, others envy, and still others criticize. It is real, it happened to us and we are happy.



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