Truth be Told: Choices 

2022 is a year with its own rhythm; sweet words that seem to have been written by the greatest writers in the world, promises, handouts, “unity” in terms of tribe or corruption seem to be the components of the lyrics. What a pleasant melody to the heart it is. We get lost in the tune, losing our own intellect. Forgetting our beliefs and morals, blinded and caged up by the tensions and hopes of the season.

May the Christians stand up? Of course you and I will rise up but apparently also about 80% of Kenyans population will. The numbers seem to be too farfetched when we; align and segregate in terms of tribe, when hate becomes our “gospel”, when all reason leaves the room when one leader is mentioned over the other.

Dear salt of the earth, what kind of salt are you. The one that complains and does nothing, the one that says voting is pointless or the one that believes their voice counts? Over the last couple of months most of us have shifted from one category to the other. Yet again, dear salt we can just gather up and say God take the wheel. As we share the latest version of the prosperity gospel for this Sundays service. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the sermons, who doesn’t? But the reality slap is faith without action is dead. In the same breath if you don’t vote the right leader well you are ….?


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