A rose from the thorns

Society today is in a rot, and both men and women are hurting from abusive scars both emotional and physical. But, some, having faced different variations of abuse, live to grow and build their lives from such heartbreaking situations. There must be hope, in all the rot that exists, there is still a God in heaven, right? Meaning, that hope can be found.

One such story, of hope and transformation from a life that seemed murky and ugly, is that of a strong and phenomenal woman, Pastor and counselor Eulene Mrando. Her story displays a hope-filled purposeful end.

In an interview with James Okumu, of Jam 316 Eulene describes her life as growing up in a large family, but not knowing the right picture of what love looks like.

“When I was 5 years old, my siblings started molesting me, and you see my brothers would do it and my sisters would do it… so as a child you find it’s a normal thing. So you would see it as an everyday thing, you find it’s normal.”

Many children in Kenya, and around the world are molested quite often, if not every day. Eulene is an example of God giving beauty for ashes. “As I was growing up I took the same manners to school, because that’s what I knew best.” She continues, “Both my parents were busy parents, they were teachers, they were never there, as a child your just there under these people who are your siblings who you’re supposed to be getting love from and you are seeing this is the love, this is the love you know best.”

Like any child, this would affect how your character is formed. Not having a nurturing and safe environment would make anyone create some form of defense mechanism or a change in personality. “When I was growing up I would reject people, I wouldn’t be myself, and I would be a very temperamental child.”

So, can healing and restoration ever take place after such an ordeal? When asked if she has ever spoken about this with her siblings. “Yes it is a conversation I’ve had with them, but a very painful conversation, because as a woman of God and as you are being equipped into God’s word, the more you get to healing. The healing is not one day, the healing can take even years. But it depends on you, who is in you.”

There are many women who have gone through abuse in their childhood, and some throughout their lives in different ways, but those who stand courageous and are able to speak out, teach us to use our mess as a message and are brave enough to heal, forgive and live.

Eulene continues, “And that’s why I have come to speak, so that the word of God and the ministry I’m doing can equip people to go deeper into the word and get your liberation. I’ve been learning in this walk, that’s how I became a debriefing counsellor, helping people walk from pain, using the word of God to come to the light of the word of God.” She ends with “…this is what has made me who I am now…”

A strong woman indeed. We now know that it is possible to rise from the ashes and turn out like a rose.

“Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” – Martin Luther King, Jnr.

Happy International Women’s Day!



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