Beyond Zero Births Margaret Kenyatta Institute

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today officially unveiled the Margaret Kenyatta Institute for Gender and Social Development at the Kenya School of Government as part of this year’s International Women’s Day national celebrations.
Conceived in 2013, the Margaret Kenyatta Institute is a collaboration between the First Lady’s Beyond Zero initiative and the Kenya School of Government and is aimed at advancing gender and social development agenda through research, training, and targeted interventions.

The president who was speaking during today’s International Women’s Day celebrations described the incident in the viral video of a lady being assaulted as disheartening to see, the President said that he had instructed law enforcement officers to clamp down on rogue operators and ensure the perpetrators of the heinous act are brought to book.

“We are going to reregister you all again and we must make sure that we safeguard women. I have instructed the law enforcement officers to use the instruments within the law to punish these perpetrators,” stated President Kenyatta.

“There should never be a repeat of what we saw.”

The President similarly warned politicians against riding on the crackdown as a campaign agenda in political rallies, saying that the government will support the operators on condition that they are disciplined.


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