Residents call on Uhuru Kenyatta to move Jubilee Party Office from their Neighbourhood

It was a morning and afternoon to forget for the residents of Dik Dik Gardens in Kileleshwa as rival factions of Jubilee Party fought to access their party headquarters. The faction led by Jeremiah Kioni were locked up in the office as Kanini Kega’s side tried to eject him, citing a court order that relinquished Kioni’s position as secretary general.

Rowdy youth from both sides battled it out at the entrance of Dik Dik gardens forcing police to use teargas to disperse them. A journalist from KTN News was injured and had to be taken to hospital. One of the youth also had bloody cut on his face and a broken hand.

For a good part of the day, residents were not allowed to move in or out of their homes as police cordoned off the area.

In the afternoon, former president Uhuru Kenyatta visited the office and addressed the media together with Jeremiah Kioni.

After the president spoke, one resident boldly moved forward and requested audience with the president. He requested him to relocate the office from Dik Dik gardens as it’s a residential area.

“You know my grandchildren were on my way here,” he said. “I had to ask my driver to drive away from here because of the teargas and the chaos. We are asking Jubilee Party, this is residential area, please, naomba kwa heshima my former president, move this party from here.”

The former president was clear that Jubilee Party has rented the premise and did not intend for the disturbance. “I hear your pain, because you’re a neighbor here who’s been disturbed by something you have no business with,” he answered the resident. “I understand your pain and pray that our government and police will also understand your pain.”

He walked to the gate, followed by Kioni and their supporters and asked the police to leave, after which he also left.



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