Truth Be Told: Nonexistent Morals

Let me tell you the tale of the gardener and his employer. A rich man had three big trees on his land, every day the Gardner had two sweep the fallen leaves twice a day. At some point, he got tired and eventually complained to his boss. “Sir, we should cut down all these trees. They are useless, they just give me work for nothing,” the Gardener complained.

The employer told him in response, “okay, cut them down.”

The next morning, the Gardner reported to work but the guard would not open the gate for him. Confusion turned to irritation and he started shouting at the gate. The employer came out and said, “Hey, I thought we ended everything yesterday. Didn’t you receive your salary?” Yes, I did, the gardener said. But I am here to work? The employer, speaking in a low tone, told him. The work of the gardener is to cater to plants. I have no plants so why are you here?

Yesterday, I was amazed by roads being tarmacked out of the blue. For the last three years anytime it rained the roads were disastrous to use. But just like a magic wand, the problem has been solved. Before you start to say oooh Kenyans don’t appreciate anything. I am very happy the roads are being worked on but why did the process begin 12 days before the election? Or was my MP fulfilling other mandates or better yet doing press-ups before yesterday?

I am the employer, who is tired of my “gardener” who always says he will work and we should appreciate “his” efforts. I am tired of seeing other “gardens” flourish while mine is stuck. With poor reasons and reasoning altogether. This time round what kind of employer do you want to be? One who condones the behavior or enough is enough?


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