Social Media: Be careful, what you see is not always the truth.

The first day of September in the year 2022, saw one of the most celebrated Kenyan activist and a social worker trolled beyond imagination by netizens. A video of an agitated photojournalist, Boniface Mwangi made rounds on the interwebs. In the clip, he was seen demanding medical attention for his wife but Kenyans on Twitter did not wait to hear the full story;

“A drunk Boniface Mwangi caused a fracas in Nairobi hospital leading to the destruction of facility’s equipment. I don’t know why he was so frustrated yet the hospital treated his wife and was taken home peacefully by his bro,” Michael.

Nahashon tweeted, “Boniface Mwangi believes in having his way just because he is a celebrity. He is drunk with power. Imagine insulting someone’s dad even though that person is trying to keep order in a medical facility. Kuna hospital procedures. Did he follow them ama he wanted special treatment?”


Not all words tweeted were negative; “Politics aside! Boniface Mwangi was right, sometimes when you are in dire need of help but some hospitals are sluggish to treat your patient who needs immediate attention. I hope one day that healthcare personnel feels what it takes when your sick (relative/friend) dies while watching helplessly,” Moturi. The newly elected Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai, was also not left out of the mic; “How Boniface Mwangi is demanding that his wife be treated is wrong? Just treat the wife.”

Boniface Mwangi took to his Facebook page to address the whole issue narrating how the couple was involved in a road accident on the 21st of August while they were in their friend’s car. Recounting how the first people who arrived at the scene robbed them of their belongings and fled. But, a Good Samaritan couple, the Rono’s rushed them to the hospital.

When we got there, my wife was in pain, in a state of delirium, and was in and out of consciousness. The hospital wanted me to pay in order for my wife to get treatment but I had neither the money nor my wallet. Emergency health care is a right in the Constitution (Article 43(2)) and in my desperation to get the hospital management to attend to my wife beyond taking her vitals and giving her painkillers, I ended up raising my voice, breaking some things, and causing a scene,” he wrote.

The couple only received treatment when a close friend came to pay the bill. However, “The hospital management called the police who arrested me. I was jailed at the Akila Police Station.”

The Activist admits the steps he took were wrong and he apologizes for his actions. “The hospital cost of the damaged items at KES 106,000.00, which l paid. I reached out to the people who were working at the reception at the time of the incident and apologized to them. Having fully recovered, my wife is back to work.” 

It is important to note that an incident that occurred on the 21st of August trended today the 1st of September. Rather than understanding the problem, we reacted to the problem as Kenyans! Well, this last tweet sums up everything.

Now that everyone has turned into Deputy Jesus judging Boniface Mwangi. Imagine You don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you don’t fornicate & you don’t gamble but you still go to hell because of Judging people who do,” Madam Sarah.




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