Tonight on Family TV: Priceless

“We are all on a journey, so many regrets, so many mistakes and then it happened. I never saw it coming.”

A loving husband and father has everything going on for him. An almost perfect life; that changes within a blink of an eye. When his wife dies, James is unable to come to grips over this and his life takes a nose dive during the dark grieving period. Unable to come out of the runt in due time, James loses the custody of his beloved daughter and source of income. Everyone around him abandoned him at his greatest time of need.

Frustrated by the unfortunate events in his life, he finds a quick cash fix; driving an unmarked box truck on a one-time trip cross country for cash.  “For once I really want to do the right thing?”

This desire pushes him to ask question on what am I transporting or who am I really trafficking? “When you go down this road, you can never go back to normal.” Based on true events don’t miss out on Priceless Tonight at 10 PM only on Family TV.


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