The Fate of the CBC Parent

The plight of parents has been in the hands of the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) changes, especially in the duration of this year’s academic calendar. The ministry of education previously declared that their goal was to have the academic year return to normal, that is, to resume the format that would have the academic calendar start in January by 2023.

This has caused a tremendous amount of pressure to parents as the short terms in this year and last year 2021 had been stipulated.

The ripple effect of all this is the limited amount of time a parent has to gather and pay fees on time for the next academic term.

Some parents feels that the government seems unprepared for the CBC system in terms of resources and the lack of understanding of the current state of Kenya’s economy and social structure.

A few parents have complained of being unable to create time for the ever involving CBC style of assignments because of their tight schedules at work, a case scenario for both the married and single parents. Others are of the opinion that the system seems to only work for the rich, that is, those with more resources than others to meet the demands of the CBC.

On the ground, there is both the personal and general opinion of the Kenyan parent, and in specific Nairobi. Here is what a few of them had to say about CBC and how the changes have affected them.


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