Induction of the Education Taskforce to review the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)

President William Ruto, constituted a 42 member Education taskforce to review the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) on the 30th of September 2022. This decision was informed by the concerns raised by parents over the high cost of the CBC education system, the “over” involvement of parents in the curriculum, transition of learners to secondary school amongst other issues.

During the induction of the Education Taskforce on Wednesday, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua reassured parents that the Competency Based Curriculum will not be scrapped off by the new regime. However, the system will undergo a review with the taskforce, tasked with getting views from stakeholders and Kenyans on how to improve the curriculum and address the challenges that students face with the CBC.

“I am inviting all critics, including the press, for criticism,” said the Deputy President while urging the members of the fourth estate to write papers and present what they think can help the education in Kenya. “To Kenyans, do not be bystanders in this process. If you have anything we can put in the education reform process, it is the time to come out,” added the DP.

He further called upon the restructuring of courses offered in both public and private universities. “In a time where nearly half of the existing careers are going to be extinct and tomorrow’s jobs are still yet unknown. How do universities prepare young people to remain relevant?”  questioned the DP.

Hon.Gachagua, said campuses must be enriched with opportunities through robust career services, diverse core-curricular activities, high student engagement, employer involvement and sustainable incubation of innovations.




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