The “End” to the Bizarre Twin “Throuple” Marriage

Kenyans were taken on a viral sensational thrill ride. When a set of twins, Akorino brothers Teddy and Peter, revealed to the world they are in love with the same lady, Emily. The bizarre twist was, “We are family, this is our wife, me and bro we are twins. We share the same wife because we are twins,” said Teddy. The revelation went viral due to the complex nature of the “throuple” relationship.

Amidst the jeers, heckling, ridicule and confusion; Renowned Minister, Pastor T Mwangi took to his social media accounts on the 22nd of September to share his two cents;

“Two news one exalting perversion while the other exults inspiration. In media they say when a dog bites a man that’s not news but when a man bites a dog that’s news. The perverted story of the twins was a headline on one of the local dailies while the other one was just a story. We are in an age of pervasive social hegemony. Let the Remnants arise. The twins should not be celebrated or tolerated but rather summoned and given direction. I know the Akurino don’t stand for such values. Remember when those who know the truth keep quite they are numbered among the liars.”

Pastor T’s message seems to have reached home to the “throuple.” As they reached out to him for a conversation and to receive prayers for restoration. “They are sorry for what they did, Mentorship is like nursing and you must be willing to give the care with love. We are called for this generation and we must be willing to embrace them, guide them and mentor them. I believe they had a good idea but wrong approach. We will walk with them and see them launch out that idea. Love wins. Let’s pray for them and accept their public apology. We are called to reconcile men. Love wins” Pastor T shared earlier today the 30th Of September.

Well, we are all called to love and not to judge. In the end no one is perfect and no sin is greater than the other. What is important is we love and accept the “sin” as they get redeemed and sanctified.


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