Breath: the pain will end

There is a level of pain one can feel that is un-explainable, and most of the time this pain is inside us and we sometimes either know or have no idea where it stems from.
You’d be surprised that pain comes from the finer details, even before catastrophe magnifies it.
That negative comment from a loved one or a teacher. That unfair treatment you get in family gatherings. On a larger scale it’s the person who sexually abused you, harassed you when you were a child, it’s the emotional abusive loved one in your life, it’s the anger of why life was so hard when you were growing up. It’s the hard circumstances that don’t seem to end till now.
When all the overwhelming issues mount up, you hurt, you block it, and now, your numb.
But, somehow, you still have air in your lungs. You open your eyes every morning, even if you currently can’t seem to see the sun.
So, where is the hope? Well, it’s in the fact that your heart is still beating, even if you can’t feel it. Sit still and listen, to the pulse running through your veins. Breath. In and Out. That, that is Life.
If there is one thing that can make your hope come alive again is that there is air in your lungs. Stop for a minute. Breath In. Breath out. See, God is loving you everyday through that breath of life He gives. In His eyes He looks at you and sees a child He loves, and one that He chooses not to snuff out. In pain and in rough times, remember, breath. This too shall pass. But the word of God over your life shall not pass away. His promise to love you, to never leave you, will always stand.


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