The end of Kenya Airways days long strike

Yesterday, marked the end of the Kenya Airways pilots; days long strike. As, Judge Anna Mwaure of the Employment and Labour Relations Court in Nairobi said in Tuesday’s order; that pilots should resume their duties “unconditionally” by 6am today.

The strike forced hundreds of flight cancellations and left thousands of passengers stranded since, Saturday morning. The crisis by the national carrier, prompted the government to threaten the pilots with disciplinary action. However, Judge Mwaure order the airlines management, “to perform their duties without harassing them or intimidating them and especially by not taking any disciplinary action against any of them.”

The Members of the Kenya Airline Pilots Association (Kalpa), a union that represents about 400 pilots at the carrier. Called on the strike on November 5th 2022, after failing to resolve a dispute over their pension’s contributions and settlement of deferred payment that began during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Kalpa members will do their best to restore normalcy to operations,” Kalpa’s General Secretary Murithi Nyagah stated yesterday.

Taking to their twitter handle the national courier stated, “Dear Customer, we look forward to welcoming you back on-board with normal flight operations resuming by the 12th of November 2022.”


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