Serving God, Waiting Patiently: Evelyn Wanjiru tells her story

Evelyn Wanjiru a gospel artist and minister has been trending for the past couple of days with a follow-up documentary doing the rounds, on how the wait for their newborn baby boy, Mshindi has unfolded.

As any new mother would, she vividly recalls the time she discovered her pregnancy after 10 years of waiting.

“When I arrived in the US that day I was craving for Pilau. And I told my host I’m craving for Pilau. I ate 2 plates. They were just staring at me, and the wife of the Pastor asked ‘are you sure you’re not pregnant?’ and I was like – ‘this question again?’ I didn’t want anyone to ask me that question because I was so tired of being asked now and then. So many people knew what I was trusting God for. I went to the bathroom and I threw up everything. I was supposed to rehearse that day and it was so hard I had to stay in the house for 2 hours to regain some energy.”

“One of my friends asked me if we can buy the pregnancy strip. I told her, I didn’t want to go and test myself and find it’s negative because I’ve been waiting for so many years. I’m so tired.”

Evelyn continues to explain, “I took the test without anybody knowing. The first came out in two lines. I took a second test and it came out positive as well.”

Her husband, Akweyu said “When she confirmed with the second one, the concentration of the second test was the same colour. I was excited. I couldn’t show the joy on the phone. Everything changed in my mind. I started thinking like a father, I was visualizing being a father. It’s been a beautiful journey.”

Society has its misconceptions about pregnancy, conception, and when a couple ought to have children.

Akweyu says, “They want to see a family growing instantly but with God, things work differently.”

Evelyn adds that the waiting period has taught her to see things differently and to learn and experience things differently. She says “My faith has gone to another dimension.”

Waiting on God can take time but his timing is perfect. Evelyn’s story is a reflection of God’s perfect timing. She says, “I believe that this testimony has ignited someone else’s faith.”

Congratulations once again to the blessed couple!


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