Dante Bowe: Breakup with Maverick City Music pulled me closer to God

Article by Tola Mbakwe - Tola is a multimedia journalist for Premier.

US Christian music artist Dante Bowe has opened up about his split from Maverick City Music, saying the situation improved his relationship with God.

“I feel healthier than ever,” he said in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

“Better than ever. Brighter than ever. Feel closer to God,” he added.

Last September, Bowe, who was one of the lead singers in worship band Maverick City Music “sincerely” apologised for his behaviour following the band’s decision to cut ties with him.

“Throughout this process, I have received wise counsel which influenced my decision to take a step back and reflect about my actions so that I may commit to living in the purpose God has for my life,” he said in a social media post which has since been deleted.

Maverick City Music announced they had put a “pause” on their professional relationship with Bowe due to “behaviour that is inconsistent with our core values and beliefs”.

“Dante is a brother in Christ and as such he has our full commitment and unwavering support as he continues to navigate his path forward,” the statement read.

Months since the breakup, Bowe said he’s been on an “incredible journey”.

“I just feel like I never shut the door on God,” he told CBN.

”I kept the door wide open because I need him more in those seasons than ever I need him. You know when I’m just on the mountaintop. You know what I mean? I always need him, but I just think I ran to him, you know, faster,” he said.

Bowe has now started his own record label called True Music, and released a new single entitled “Hide me”.

The Grammy Award-winning artist has received support from his former Maverick City Music band member Naomi Raine.

She commented “I love you so much” on Instagram video of his new song premiering in Times Square, New York. Another Maverick City Music member Brandon Lake commented “Proud of you.”

You can listen to his new song here:https://youtu.be/DU6gpzVGfkY


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