President Kenyatta Calls For Concerted Efforts To Scale Up War Against Corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for concerted efforts to scale up the war against graft, saying the fight against the vice forms the soul of the nation.
While acknowledging that notable gains have been achieved in curbing corruption, President Kenyatta said the country cannot afford to sleep on its laurels until the vice is completely eradicated.
“We must all work together that is, all arms of Government, the business community, media, religious institutions, non-governmental organizations, and the ordinary Kenyans to fight this noble war.
“We must raise the bar even higher if we are serious about the Sustainable Development Goals and our very own Vision 2030,” President Kenyatta said.
President Kenyatta spoke on Monday at State House, Nairobi, where he witnessed the ceremonial handing over of Kshs 450 million repatriated back to Kenya from Jersey.

The Head of State emphasized that although corruption has deep roots and its axis keeps on regrouping and fighting back, the Government will not be swayed by the naysayers or misdirected by those who relish negativity and resentment.

“Our war against corruption has been facilitative – recognizing that the implementers in the fight required to build competence and confidence to effectively deliver on the goal.

“Our war has been tempered – appreciating that corruption fights back and is willing to cause confusion and the deliberate disruption of set systems in order to protect itself,” President Kenyatta said.

Archbishop Wabukala thanked President Kenyatta for supporting the anti-graft body in its operations, saying the facilitation has resulted in the success the country has recorded so far in the war against corruption.

High Commissioner Marriot pledged her country’s continued support to the Government of Kenya in the recovery of illegally acquired assets stashed abroad.

“The Framework for the Return of Assets from Crime and Corruption signed on March 28 sends a clear signal to those who wish to steal from the state that they will ultimately not succeed. It provides a framework for future recovery of assets on the international space,” the British High Commissioner said.

The Head of State thanked all actors both from the Government of Kenya as well as the Government of Jersey for the sustained effort that resulted in the signing of the Asset Sharing Agreement (ASA) under the Framework for the Return of Assets from Crime and Corruption in Kenya.

Photo: PSCU

President Kenyatta also commended EACC for the outcome of their hard work that has resulted in the restitution of illegally acquired land titles back to their original public sector owners.

“Together with all the representative investigative, prosecutorial and oversight bodies present today who I describe as our “Anti-Corruption Army”, we continue to see the fruits of our collective labour to curtail corruption and minimize opportunities for its occurrence,” President Kenyatta said.


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