Finding Purpose: Granted Success

Have you ever had one of those inspiring, uplifting, mind-shifting conversations?

Unexpectedly, thinking it will be one of those normal days, today I had the privilege of speaking to a very strong voice in the advocacy, events, and conversation influencer spaces. I honestly even had a hard time describing one Josephine Macharia. I wouldn’t want to give away too much, she will be coming to your screens soon on an upcoming podcast we are currently working on.

She says, “Life is seasonal and you need to listen to what God is saying about where you are.” Josephine’s energy and attitude towards believing in one’s self and doing what they are called to do got me charged up and thinking about purpose and success.

Many of us look to be successful in different ways, we see ourselves and imagine ourselves in that mansion, car, and in that vacation destination in Greece. But, is our idea of success right? We may have all these dreams and visions about what we want our lives to be but sometimes I think it is easy to forget the bottom line, that for us to truly succeed it can only be through what we were made to be.

How do we step out from our comfort zone into our purpose, or how do we do more, if we are already living out our purpose?

Just do it: Do that which your heart keeps burning to do, it most likely is the stepping stone to your next level.

Get a squad that believes in you: surround yourself with people, or a person who believes in you and what you want to do. Someone who is not afraid to tell you things exactly as it is, for your growth and not your destruction.

Trust God: Even if you cannot see the end, God knows exactly what he has designed for your life. Know that everything he has allowed in your life, and everything he is directing you to do is all for his glory.

For you to see anything you must start with seeing God.


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