Meru University: “We welcome back Ms. Diana Chepkemoi”

Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) family was saddened by the distressing news of Ms. Diana Chepkemoi’s ordeal in Saudi Arabia. Upon hearing the frightful news the university contacted her family to show support during this tough time (before Diana’s return).

MUST Vice- Chancellor Prof. Romanus Odhiambo, went on to shed light on the state of Diana’s studies, “Ms. Chepkemoi is a student at MUST. She was admitted to MUST during the 2017 – 2018 academic year on 31st August 2017, to study Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Management under the School of Agriculture and Food Science. Ms. Chepkemoi studied the programme for the first semester of the academic year. She submitted a letter of deferral due to financial constraints on 29th August 2018. The request was granted. Ms. Chepkemoi applied for a course transfer on 15th May 2019 to study a Bachelor of Education Arts. The course transfer request was granted; however, she did not report back.”

The university commended everyone who played a part in sharing Diana’s story and ensuring she came back home safe. This goes to show the power of unity and love within our great country,” MUST Vice-Chancellor remarked.

The institution has welcomed back Diana to complete her University studies. “We have informed her family of the support we shall offer her in order to successfully complete her studies.

MUST will provide accommodation and will place Diana under the student work study programme. A platform designed to empower needy students.

As the sun finally shines on Diana after months of tears and ordeals, we hope the Good fortune will continue to follow her.


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