Kenyans applauded by Religious Leaders

The Inter-Religious Leaders who gathered on Tuesday, September 6, at Ufungamano house to address the nation, lauded Kenyans for maintaining peace and cohesion throughout the electioneering period.

According to the faith leaders, the peace witnessed during and after the polls is a true testament of  the new wave of political maturity in the country.

We thank you for the democratic maturity that we have manifested this year by actively and peacefully participating in the 2022 general elections. Your commitment to peace and national cohesion is commendable,” Archbishop Martin Kivuva – Chairman Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB).

The religious leaders went on to congratulate all elected leaders including the President- Elect William Ruto. The leaders also urged Kenyans to rally behind the new administration for the purpose of nation building.

“We urge you to be a leader of all Kenyans regardless of their political, ethnic or religious leanings by demonstrating in word and deed, justice and equality,” Right. Rev. Dr. Thegu Mutahi- PCEA Moderator.

The leaders also commended Azimio-One Kenya Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga, for respecting the law in his quest for justice.

We commend the Supreme Court for concluding the hearing and determination of the presidential poll petition. To the Azimio la Umoja contestant Raila Odinga, we commend you for the great contribution you continue to make as a leader in Kenya. You have demonstrated strong statesmanship in your calls for the rule of law to be respected and upheld,” Inter-Religious Council chairman reverend Joseph Mutie said.

The Inter-Faith leaders, continue to urge all Kenyans to embrace each other and pray for the nation as the country prepares for a leadership transition on Tuesday 13th September 2022.


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