“I quit my job at the peak of the pandemic”: Chebet Makena

 As children, we all had dreams and aspirations of who we wanted to be in society. From owning several houses, driving posh cars, running a business, going up the career ladder, etc. For Chebet Makena, she always wanted to go up the corporate ladder. A goal she fuelled with hard work, passion, determination, and most importantly prayer and seeking God’s guidance.

“It’s quite interesting, I quit my job right in the middle of the pandemic, in 2020 March. But I was battling with the decision since 2019 October. Of course, with employment, there is a guarantee of having a salary every month and also when big folks ask you what you do these days. When you say you have this job, they will leave you at that. It’s a decision I battle within myself and because I am a Christian like to seek God before I do anything. I was also having that conversation with Him.”

The biggest mistake most young people make is irrational decisions in the spur of the moment. Makena went into a spiral of research, budgeting, and proper planning, when the right time came she took up the opportunity. “I used the period when we were in lockdown, I like to call it hibernation. That’s when I read what I wanted to get into, how to start, what it will take from me, and all of that. By the time I was quitting I wasn’t confident because I had not yet started but I was confident in my idea. But I am glad, I did.”

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It was a split of confusion and support when Betty shared her decision with her in the support system. But in time and with time, the support came to a common jury of understanding. The leap of faith paid off for her, “I am happy with the decision I made and the path I took in terms of my career.” Although the bed might be rosy, each rose has its thorns, “In terms of finances I was being paid well, starting it all over again was a struggle nothing was put on a platter for me. It has not been easy but it has been worth it.

It’s important to understand our path and calling in life, in our side chat with Makena. She mentioned the power of knowing the stages in life, you might be called to work in a certain organization to fulfil a greater purpose. So, in all we do there is a reason for everything in all the seasons of our lives.

Photo: ahurd pictures

Makena Chebet is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Travel Vlogger, Wife, and Christian influencer!

“God speaks even in the tiniest of things so consult him in everything you do!”

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