The Emoji Pandemic

We live in a world that has lost its voice. We can easily call it the emoji pandemic.

A world that has devised a set of images commonly referred to as ‘emoji’ and caricatures referred to as ‘gifs’ used to capture the emotions of society.

If we are feeling happy, we put a smiling face on our messages. If sad, we put a gloomy face, and the list goes on and on.

Among the plethora of these emoji; are a set of common triplets that we call the ‘three wise monkeys,’ they have their hands on their face.

The first monkey uses its hands to cover its eyes. The second monkey uses its hands to cover its ears, and the third monkey uses its hands to cover its mouth. Thus, the three refer to the common adage; “See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.”

These three wise monkeys find their origin in ancient Japanese culture, where the original meaning was that people should not listen to, look at, or say anything bad. Literally, it was an instruction to avoid bad behavior. However, this expression is now often used to mean; to ignore bad behavior by pretending not to hear it or to see it.

It is now generally used sarcastically against those who through selfishness or cowardice, choose to ignore some wrongdoing.

Could it be that, as a church, we are mirroring the actions of the world around us? That we have deliberately chosen to remain blind, deaf, and dumb to the world around us, refusing to acknowledge that which surrounds us because of selfishness or cowardice?

Have we as a church lost our ability to see the world as Christ saw it when he looked and had compassion on the crowd?

Have we as a church lost our ability to hear the cry of God’s people as God prompted Moses to do when at the burning bush, the Lord told Moses, “I’ve heard the cries of my people.”

Have we, as a church, lost our ability to speak out? Speaking as the voice of God to a generation that needs to hear the words of the Lord, “Let my people go!”

As high tech we get, we must remain high touch. Let’s not be a church of the three monkeys – that remains aloof and in a cocoon. Let it not be said that; we see no evil, hear no evil, or speak no evil.

May we stand up as salt and light of the world, may we arise with the compassion of Christ for the souls that are lost, may we take our position and impact the world in which God has planted us in because God is interested in the numerical growth of His people.

Moved by love, we must have a heart for the world.


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