I am a dating single parent

The rise and fall of relationships and marriages is seeming to come out into the light. With more and more individuals being more aware of their rights we have more intentional marriages and more intentional relationships coming up within society. However, to some extent, there are some negative consequences of some of the relational decisions we make. One of those consequences is single parenthood. So, what does it look like to start over and begin dating again in this context?

Sheila who works in Healthcare Management, a single mum of one says, “You have to be very intentional about the person that you choose for your child.”   You could indeed have a selection of potential people in your life, and for this reason, it is advised that when dating as a single parent one must be careful not to introduce your significant other to your child too soon.

There are truths that one also needs to face, like appreciating the fact that you may have to sacrifice what you feel you like for the safety of your child because at the end of the day the parent must choose the wellbeing of their child above everything else.

Stephanie Wanjiru, also a single mom says, “When people are not honest from the word to go it can be a challenge. For me, full disclosure is number one. If you are a guy and I see your trying something, by the third conversation my son is in it. So that you know what you are getting into.” This is important. You wouldn’t want a case where your potential partner/lover is not willing to move ahead seriously because you have a child and did not make it clear in the beginning.

Kuki Magana comes from a blended family from both her parents, she emphasizes from a child’s perspective now that she is older “Whatever issues arise throughout the relationship. Whether or not you feel like it’s a forever thing or not. Always be ready for anything that might happen that might destabilize that and you need to know what decision is before it even happens.

One thing is clear, that when you have a child in your life, they automatically take center stage, and more so when dating, one must be careful and ready to always protect what was your first family, your child.


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