Entertainment merged with Politics

The 2022 general elections have paved way to new milestones. Which have cemented themselves in the history of Republic of Kenya. From political big wigs begin dethroned from their “territories.”

The era of long term Member of parliament entitlement to leadership is coming to an end. The political landscape is changing for the better,” Caroline Mose.

It was unheard off in Kenya, for comedians, singers or any other form of entertainers to join the sphere of politics. With one of  the pioneers of Kenyan comedy space , John Kiarie taking jab to defy the status quo in the 2007 elections. Sadly he was unsuccessful, but his steps propelled many more individuals from different fields to start attempting to vie for political seats. KJ went on to claim a parliamentary seat in the 2017 general polls. Alongside another popular secular artist Jaguar who became some of first entertains to cross over.

In the present day, President Volodymyr Zelensky showcased to the world that a comedian is capable to lead and the serve the citizens of a nation; diligently. Within the same breath, the Kenyan electorate have now awarded three new entertainers the opportunity to serve them. These include controversial Kenyan comedian come businessman Felix Odiwour alias Jalango and Former gospel artist Davidson Ngibuini (DNG). The three are now all elect to take different  positions in office.

With the results still coming out, more milestones will surely be recorded in our history. Question still stands will the entertainers prove themselves?


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